The Story Behind the Cat
The Scarf Cat begins simply enough with a normal family and a normal mother working on starting a home based jewelry business. While taking a break from the typical daily grind - raising children, ensuring homework is done, dinner, keeping a house, and, of course, starting a business - Mom Cat was browsing through local classifieds and came upon a kitten in need of a home.
It turns out the small kitten - maybe 10 weeks old - had tragically lost her family when they were hit by a car, leaving her alone under a thicket. A nearby thoughtful farming family found her and, wanting her to have a good home, put her in the classifieds. So Mom Cat decided to pack the family up in the van to go visit this small, tiny kitten and immediately fell in love with her. Needless to say, the small kitten - now named Trinket - came home with them.
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Trinket immediately claimed the new house she found herself in as her own, and the people within it as hers. Before long the family discovered that Trinket really enjoyed jumping up on their shoulders and lying down around the back of their necks, just like a scarf. Needing a name for her new business, and inspired by Trinket's scarfiness, The Scarf Cat name was born.
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